Mechanical Room Optimization

During my time with Armstrong Pumps/S.A. Armstrong we identified a new tool to assist our customers and improve mechanical plant design. They provided me the honor and privilege to initiate what became “Design Assist”. 

Using Solidworks 3D and extensive design tables/libraries we used the engineers’ 2D layouts to convert to 3D and model the entire mechanical room in 3D with resulting total piping cost.  Next step was to design an alternative layout by relocating equipment in a more logical layout, piping the new layout, running the cost analysis and the results were astounding.  The savings in pipe alone (not including hangers/insulation) were significant dollars.  The bonuses were energy cost savings and savings in mechanical room space…Less pipe…less energy required to pump it.
3D Design Service extends an invitation to all project owners, GC’s, engineers and contractors for an opportunity to review projects you have to see if we may be able to save you money.  The review is at no charge.  When we see potential savings we can discuss a variety of ways to collaborate.  The new layouts we design will be BIM ready; can be converted into dozens of CAD formats, including Revit.  However, if Navisworks is the “mothership” Solidworks is a direct import.  Once final 3D coordination is complete the models generate detailed fabrication drawings with B.O.M’s.  Solidworks creates “real pipes” that can be used for FEA and CFD.

The projects below are great examples of true collaboration between Armstrong, their representatives and customers.