Custom Designed Hanging Basket Conveyor


A Special honor:

In 1988 Thor was invited to meet with Disney World engineering to design an automated “hanging-basket” conveyor.  After NDA and conceptual design(s) we were awarded the contract to build this new system.

The system supports 80 pound baskets on staggered 18 inch spacing creating a double layer of baskets.  The key is that these baskets are globe shaped and must be hung at all times.  The conveyor facilitated transport loading and unloading from the driven end.  The design required variable speed, and was my first experience with Variable-Speed-Drives (VFD).  More than a decade later VFD application was the “hot thing” in the HVAC industry.

To make it more fun, the design called for a combination watering and spray station, but to make even more fun this station had to read programming tabs on each basket to tell it how much water and or spray.

Basket-3Basket-1 - CopyBasket-2 - CopyDisney water